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Health care is more than hospitals and doctors

Canadians are really proud of our universal health care, which we are lucky to have. But also only covers some things. When I have needed other services I’ve been struck but how wildly unfair it is that I live in a place that loves health care but where your income decides whether you get to go to the dentist or to physio or to therapy. It’s wrong.

Health care is more than doctors visits and hospitals. Uninsured services are a big problem and we need to close the gaps.

Let there be love

I did a couple of quotes about light and dark because in this day and age we are so happy to dismiss each other. Instead of using concepts like privilege as a tool to learn and demonstrate vulnerabilities they can be used to shut people down and invalidate them. I don’t need to awkwardly disclose things to be at the table, especially if that table is the Internet. I am a human and I’ve struggled and suffered. I have lots of really lucky things in my life including categories of privilege we ignore like that I have a respectable accent. It’s about nuance and empathy. It’s about common humanity. If we live in a space of sides and exclusion then we’re in trouble — and if you haven’t noticed the world on fire thing we are deeply deeply in trouble. I think a better world starts with we and us, all of us. It starts with kindness and saying hey humans suffer and you can take that suffering and learn from it. It starts with kindness and care and love. So let’s make generous assumptions about each other and remember that it’s hard to hate people close us.

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