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Now that social media scheduling is up and running well I am relaunching the + project.

It's an idea I just can't shake and I think it might be interesting. So here goes + 2.0.

I've picked just one colour combo. That'll be all. I keep getting bogged down in the possibilities of what it can be and it's overwhelming. Eventually you have to make choices and go down one road.

2018.08.22 like + as.jpg

Sound and the City

A few years ago, and by a few I mean a few, my sister sent me an audio postcard from London where she was living at the time. It had recordings of different spots around the city. I really loved the concept of it. Little snippets of these places and spaces. Capturing the experience of what it was like to be there.

I've always felt that need to capture experiences. To share them. To document them. That's part of why I spent a big chunk of the last 24 hours going through old blog posts and moving them here. It's tedious but I feel a need to do it. Because then it's all here. Every post. Every lousy post. And a couple of good ones.

That way I can look back at where I've been and in a way see a bit of how I got to here.

I can see the work, the evolution and think about who i was and what I was doing.

When I look back on my life and all the things I've done I have words and images to document them and to place me back into that moment. I think that's pretty cool.

After receiving the audio postcard I came up with the idea of doing my own audio postcards. I came up with a project called Sound and the City that never went anywhere. I did some audio recordings and a basic design but that was pre-podcast and I didn't do much with it.

Nowadays I spend most of my time listening to podcasts. They are my main form of entertainment, a way to feel connected, to learn, to be challenged. I am who I am and I'm doing what I'm doing in large part because of podcasts.

I think about starting a podcast. A lot.

It started with me being annoyed that a couple of my favourite podcasts don't interview landscape architects and urban designers. Who else would you want to interview? If I had a podcast it'd be all built environment all the time. Then I was like I guess I'm the person who should start that podcast.

It's a thought and if it sticks around long enough then maybe it'll go somewhere.

I'm looking for a producer and composer if anyone is interested.

I'm also trying to think of a name.

Wild Thing: Conversations about the built and natural environment comes to mind. I think it would confuse people and be too associated with other things. Usually the name comes and then there's a project.

Maybe when I think of a name and wrap up that book I'm editing and settle into school and have a better handle on my health problems and all 500 other ideas I have I'll do it.

And maybe if I do do it I'll include little snippets of sound from spots around this city, audio postcards of sorts.

Have a day!

You know how there are all these random holidays out there like International Shoe Day and Subnational Sit On An Exercise Ball Day — these were made up but could possibly be real — I've had the thought of doing cards to wish people a happy (or more appropriate feeling to feel like a panicy panic day) on those days. So here's a thing I did related to that sentiment. I like this way of arranging words and have some different thoughts of how to use it that will totally go somewhere.

have a day

words + words

I've had the thought of a project based on combining words with + or breaking words into parts with +. So here goes. I will post them here to a special category. They also live on Redbubble and maybe later on Society6 if the uploader there decides to cooperate.



I've been wanting to do some experimenting with repeating shapes. They can look really cool when used in designs. So here's a set of triangles. The first one is just with a stroke — mint green is trendy and it goes with pink. The second is with different opacities. I don't love it. I wish the stroke stayed 100% while the inside changed. Maybe you can do that but I don't know how. It would be worth trying over a photo. The third is different shades. I like it.



I've had this idea for a while of doing a project based on combinations of words with a plus sign between them. One day I was writing something down and instead of using an ampersand I used +. It was something I'd been doing a lot.

Then I noticed how + can combine two words or break a word down.

Then I started making lists. Then I had a few thousand combinations in a spread sheet.

Now I have a design mock up. When my desk arrives I want to launch.

I don't know how original the idea is but I think it's an interesting way of exploring language and meaning. Some of the combinations are cute, funny, sad, reflective or ambitious. Some of them could have very different possible meanings depending on your perspective or how you want to take them.

This is my template at the moment.


+ 1.png