Renewals and holds

I’ve been taking stock of my library books — far too many of which are scattered carelessly on the floor — and figuring out which ones I am reading, which ones I want to read and which ones I should give up on.

I have a book called Submersion Journalism that had a boring introduction and first article and I never got into. It has been on my floor for a month abandoned, and unloved and its final renewal is approaching. It has an article by Ken Silverstein, who I saw speak at NASH 73 (this past year’s Canadian University Press Conference) and he specifically mentioned the article. I should read it but I just don’t know if I will have time.

There’s also Boozehound, which was a delightful and entertaining read but I have hit the wall, and by that I mean the last ten pages. After two weeks of neglect and distraction I just can’t get back into it.

I need to figure out where I left My War by Colby Buzzell, another amazing book I have been distracted from.

I also have a few books that I took out but that don’t seem that inspiring. Random books by people who write the odd article I like can end that way.

A trip to the library is impending as a new round of holds awaits me. I may fall in love with some of them and if I do I hope I can be more disciplined at finishing them.