Ten minutes of Lana Del Rey

Apparently Lana Del Rey has decided that what was missing from her musical career is a ten minute long video including three of voice over. She seems desperate to escape being that music that only plays in H&Ms in hip areas or in coffee shops in Camden Town.

Her grandiose songs that all sound the same should have worn off by now. They don’t build to anything they just meander as she almost succeeds in seducing you with her old timey and angsty sound. But she fails. This is not the type of music that can withstand repeat.

One thing she has always had going for her is that her videos. They make her image and were always something she did much better than sing. She has the image and the feel to her. She should stop singing and start modeling and designing clothes already. That is what she is good at. Brooding, swinging on a tire swing, and with those lips (however real they happen to be). Perhaps that is what tricks people into listening to her music.