Penny for your thoughts

Thought Catalog is like the Girls of the Internet. It is edgy, trendy and fun. It makes you feel hip and your friends post links to it on Facebook. Occasionally there is a really good article that makes you glad you went on it. You find something you would never have discovered otherwise.

But then it is also a crazy place where articles like “7 Signs You Can’t Party As Much As You Used To” or “Absurd Questions You Get Asked Being An Identical Twin With Lesbian Moms” don’t seem out of place. Where you say to yourself why yes that is perfectly normal and completely expected. Obviously. This is the realm where youth culture makes this totally acceptable and perfectly normal. Just like Girls. Some of the things that happen are downright crazy but you love it. You relate to it. It makes you feel cool and trendy and just a little bit less adrift in the sea of sorting out your life.