Weekly Writing Challenge: G is for monsters

It seems that Lady Ga Ga has reached 32 million followers on Twitter. She is queen of the Internet and has 32 million monsters (as the trending hashtag has informed me).

I can’t say that I am a monster but I do enjoy Lady Ga Ga or at the very least am ambivalent to her. Some of her songs are catchy and enjoyable but I feel as though she has started to wear off. At one point in time we were shocked to see the outfits she wore (an outfit made entirely of bacon) or her behaviour (she had someone carry around a tea cup so it would be at the ready for her sipping pleasure or something along those lines) but now I think she’s worn off. She has become normal instead of crazy — or at least we’ve gotten used to her particular brand of crazy. Just like the world got used to David Bowie dressing up like an alien or Madonna making a sex book and having a black Jesus the shock value has worn off. The concept of monsters has worn off.

I wonder now what Ga Ga’s next move holds. Can she reinvent herself? Can she keep the music flowing and the hits pumping? Can she keep us interested? She has her monsters but what about the rest of us?

It seems that people like Katy Perry (one of my guilty pleasures) have more staying power. She was never crazy and shocking just fun and up beat. Her music gets you dancing and is great for driving around in a car with your friends or pumping you up while studying. She may wear cupcakes as part of her outfit but that is never the main act. It never upstaged her the way it did with Ga Ga. All Katy Perry has to do is keep making good music. Ga Ga has to keep shocking us and I don’t know if she can do it.