Guilty pleasure

So, one of my friends posted a One Direction cover of a song that we have a long standing inside joke about on Facebook. I dutifully listened to it before making a snide comment on Facebook and then I realized that One Direction aren’t bad. In fact, I’m going to go out and say it they are good. Very good. Stop doing that productive task you were performing before going on Facebook good.

They are like a cross between all of those boy bands from the ’90s combined with the cast of Skins and with better hair — if you go back and watch music videos from the ’90s the hair leaves a lot to be desired. They are like Jake Gyllenhaal circa Donnie Darko. There is something about a bunch of cute and stylish boys performing popped up a cappella covers of much beloved songs. Few reality TV artist(s) end up making it in the end but these groups were generally manufactured. Perhaps the world needs a group like this at least once every fifteen years