My father played the trumpet and told me that if I joined band I would get to have his trumpet one day. At the time I was playing classical guitar and decided I had no interest in learning a new instrument. Looking back I wish I had taken him up on his offer, and not just to gain possession of a shiny hunk of metal, but because the trumpet is a beautiful instrument.

I first came to this realization while listening to the big band show on the independent music radio station in my home town. It was beautiful. It was totally different from the music gracing the top 40s stations I loved — this was during the late 1990s, early 200s. It was timeless and wonderful, and the trumpet was glorious.

Now, I hear trumpet making an appearance in indie rock — Dan Mangan and Belle & Sebastian are two good examples. More bands should include trumpet. It can be subtle and powerful. As much a part of the music as the guitar or vocals gliding along in the background and rising up dramatically at the selected moment. Trumpets are like sour cream — of which I am huge fan — if in doubt there should probably be more. Maybe stop if you are reaching the point where it is just a trumpet quartet, unless that is what you are going for.