Giving thanks

As usual Thanksgiving has meant a weekend of pie and mashed potatoes — which make for a nutritionally balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner. Last year I was on the other side of the world. Thanksgiving was a much different experience then. This year I was at my parents house.

Last year I ate surrounded by a bunch of new friends who made up my family. Most of them had never eaten Thanksgiving dinner before or were Americans and confused by our celebrating it early. I also got in on the later celebration and will be sad not to have two Thanksgivings this year. We roasted our first turkey and the dishes were done potluck style. Half of the table was supported by beer crates. People spilled everywhere with not enough chairs.

This year was more what I am used to. Time spent with family. Mashed potatoes. People questioning my dislike of pumpkin (seriously why is everyone so in love with it and when do we move onto egg nog). That awkward moment when politics gets brought up. My mother and uncle bonding over grape juice.

The holiday has reminded me of how much things can change in a year and how many experiences you can have. I graduated. Got my first job. Had my honours thesis published.

This year I am thankful for all the chances I’ve had to travel and explore. For having a job — and they pay me. For the fact that as a whole my friends seem to be doing well. That all of my family members are still alive. That I am learning a new language (Mandarin). For new music. For sweater weather and bike lanes and good books. For mashed potatoes and pie.