Mummies in a jar

As part of our Halloween decorations we did a craft that I discovered through Pinterest of wrapping glass jars in gauze to turn them into mummies. This craft is perfect for me because I like to wash out glass jars and reuse them as cups, pen holders and for assorted storage so we have lots around the house.

  1. Grab some glass jars, gauze, sponge/cotton balls, modge podge, scissors and googly eyes
  2. Cut the gauze into thin strips (think mummy sized)
  3. Apply the modge podge to the exterior of the jar
  4. Cover the jar with layers of gauze (it will stick to the modge podge)
  5. Seal the layers of gauze by dipping the last corner in modge podge
  6. Attach the googly eyes using modge podge

Now you can put them out as is, or pop in some candles and you have some fabulous spooky candle holders.