Best sentences I read this week: Vol. 13

“Part of the problem is that in many companies an intern’s role (indeed, the point of them even being there) is unclear to everybody, including those tasked with supervising them. So, interns end up being given jobs simply “to keep them busy” or “to give them some experience”.”

Interns: all work, no pay

“Our budgets should be linked to a vision of the kind of city we want. A more visionary budget requires some kind of process by which City Council thinks about the long-term direction of the city and its government.”

How to build a better budget for Toronto

“Why? Let me count the ways. A city without its nurses, its teachers, its artists, its waiters, its bus drivers, its cops, its musicians and writers and grandmothers as residents is a monoculture — as sterile as a forest of a single commercial tree species.”

Dystopia by the Bay By TIMOTHY EGAN

“The impact on households is very tolerable — about $80 per household in year one, just $260 per household after eight years. Compare that to the cost of the gasoline wasted due to stop-and-start commuting for 32 minutes on a daily round trip if we don’t remedy the situation. This amounts to $16 every week or $700 per year. The choice is obvious.”

Invest in transit now or suffer severe consequences