Run Forest Run

When I was in Copenhagen I was surrounding by bicycles. If you didn’t ride one you were missing out on part of the experience. In Washington I get the feeling that jogging has a similar role in the city, while it’s not pervasive I feel like I am surrounded by people jogging. It started when I first visited the mall and I noticed that for locals it is a place filled with fields that can be used for sports, and a long pathway for runners. I started to think it would be cool to go for a run on the mall. Why not?

Then spring made a brief appearance and everywhere I looked there were happy people running.

So I started thinking about buying a pair of runners. Part of it was this feeling that running is a good way to explore and the other part is that I feel like I haven’t had a proper ass kicking in a while, and I know that running is the perfect way to accomplish that. Yesterday I bought some runners. They fit perfectly. The first pair were on sale and extremely uncomfortable, the second pair are a good colour, not neon, not white, and they don’t even need to be broken in.

It was a beautiful day out today so I decided today was the day to go for a run—in the back of my head I was playing about half of Silver Linnings Playbook (pick any scene that involves jogging). I am going to be soar tomorrow but I feel like I did something productive. Besides when in Rome you ought to do as the Romans do.