Rainy day

It is a rainy day here in D.C.—the snowquester seems to be more of a rainquester since it is solidly above freezing. I slept in so I had to go buy lunch, which was interesting partially because I was pelted with mushy snow/rain, but also because the city was pretty much deserted. Anyone who could avoid leaving their workplaces did, and if they had to they were more sensible than me in how far they were willing to walk. I ate lunch in a place that is normally packed but that had all of three customers, and it reminded me of June in Calgary and the summer I spent working at a bike store.

Bike stores in pedestrian areas are highly weather dependent and rain was pretty much guaranteed to scare off any potential customers. June is the time of showers in Calgary, we get a full years worth of rain over the course of one month. Downpours would be sudden and we would look at the windows watching people hiding from or trying to cope with the onslaught. Some were determined and others would hide in stores—including ours where they spent far more time than it was possible to justify in good weather. When there was no one around we simply watched the water come down. The puddles built up in the back alley and eventually formed a small quickly flowing stream. There was something peaceful and meditative about it. Standing there completely dry watching the rain come down for ten or fifteen minutes at a time. Listening to the sound of rain drops hitting the ground.

Today feels like spring. It is a day to stare out the window while tucked away in a cafe or office.