Soft poached

I have spent years hunting after the perfect eggs benedict. There are several possible variations, each of which have their strengths and drawbacks. Over the past few years Calgary has experienced an explosion of superb brunch places and it wasn’t until shortly before leaving that I had the serendipitous experience of finding what is arguably the perfect combination.

It was at a place not far from my house called Dairy Lane that I had been told I needed to try for ages, so at last I went. The décor is typical of a diner, the staff friendly, and the coffee bottomless. They also have an indoor waiting area, which is a rarity in Calgary.

I knew what I was going to order before even looking at the menu: eggs benedict, soft poached. There was one issue, I wanted to combine two of the options. Bacon came with tomato (which I don’t like) and the avocado came with ham (the flavour of which overwhelms the rest of eggs benedict). I was told I could combine bacon and avocado, and my quest was finally over. This was it, the secret ingredient had been found. Perfection.