642 Things to Write About: Describe yourself in the third person

She sat sideways in the chair, feet draped over the edge. To some this looked awkward but to her it was comfortable enough at the moment. She was doing one of the things she loved most: reading a book. She preferred to do this while sitting in strange positions. She liked to dog ear books and scrawl her thoughts in messy writing that she thought was beautiful. Without noticing she would flip the pages of the book much to the discontent of some of those around her. In her mind books were to be abused. She bent the covers and they bore the scars of being shoved carelessly into backpacks. You could always look at them and tell they’d been read.

She had long brown hair worn in a top bun of the variety popular with hipsters. Her bangs hung to the right side and were long enough for her to begin thinking about getting them cut.

She was short with the pale skin of her Scottish ancestors.

She habitually wears a hunter green friendship bracelet on her left wrist. It is somewhat faded from constant wear. She ordered it on sale off Urban Outfitters despite the exorbitant price of shipping because she had a feeling it was meant to be.

She could be quiet and shy at times, receding into herself. To some this left the impression that she needed to be protected. From what is not entirely clear. She could also be loud and passionate. As she got older she had grown less outspoken and more willing to listen. Time had taught her that when it comes to words less is often more. When giving advice or providing comfort she will happily nod her head letting the talking provide it’s own solace. When called upon for advice she will be honest, saying what she thinks, never what somebody wants to hear.

She can be naïve and likes to see the best in people somewhat like a golden retriever. To her friends she is intensely loyal. There is in a line in her head that once crossed no longer allows her to see the best in someone. Once this line is crossed she often simply decides that a person is no longer worth her time.

One of her most noticeable attributes is that she is patient and calm. She is practiced at sitting and waiting for friends who are not cursed with punctuality like she is.

She can also be quite excitable. Little things like boat shoes, rain storms, tapioca pudding and sloths may induce this condition.

She usually makes decisions based on either feeling or reason but not both. She will make spontaneous decisions of will carefully and methodically research something for months. There seems to be little in between.