The best sentences I read this week: vol. 3

“The hike to get to Rockbound Lake was the first time that my family had hiked together since what my brother and I referred to as ‘forced marches’ we used to take part in on family vacations.”

My Five Favourite Day Hikes in Banff National Park by Guest Blogger

“If you’re a dad, you can just show up at base camp, have a beer with a Sherpa, and throw a peace sign up at the mountain and society will generally hand you a cookie.”

On Being a Great Dad vs a Great Mom by Isis the Scientist

“They killed off Marissa at the end of the third season, which is why, a few years later, we all totally accepted the idea that Don Draper could whip through 46 different relationships and three total reinventions of his company in the span of a few hundred cases of brown liquor.”

Why ‘The O.C.’ was the definitive show about the 2000s economy

“She has her issues—over the course of Grey’s she has almost died in a plane crash and at the hands of a gun man, suffered debilitating PTSD, been stabbed by an icicle, left at the altar, not to mention a litany of other outrageous things that are inevitable for a character who has been on a soap opera for 10 years. But she is not fundamentally damaged.”

How Cristina Yang Changed Television by Willa Paskin

“Everyone’s favorite lesbian drug dealer who isn’t k.d. lang (WE KNOW WHAT YOU DID).”

Orange Is The New Black may have a lot less Laura Prepon next season by Sean O’Neal

Note: I have no idea what k.d. lang did.