A drawing a day…

When I was younger I used to draw a lot. For a time in junior high me and my sketchbook were inseparable. Aside from the watercolours I did while I was in Copenhagen I haven’t really done any drawing for years.

Art class told me that I wasn’t meant to go to art school, that I wasn’t good enough to match up with the best and that I definitely wasn’t worthy of being the teacher’s favourite. It set a standard that I just didn’t live up to. Until recently I have been busy doing other things with my life.

When I ended up back at home for work I discovered the pile of art supplies I had in junior high. My mother was always very supportive and never said no to pens or paper or paint. If I wanted it she assumed I had a good reason and bought it. Now those things are lying idle in my basement. That upset me. All these art supplies that people with far more talent than me would kill for going to waste.

I decided to try and draw everyday until I used up my pen and ink supplies. I know that everyday is a goal I will not miss but there is nothing like putting idle things to use, and the joys of drawing again. I think I may post some of those drawings here but some of them aren’t terrible.