Stubborn boys

I went to an Iron & Wine concert this weekend and this was inspired by that. (It was the most exciting thing I did that day so I decided to draw it.)

The concert was pretty fantastic. He had a full band including strings, backing vocals and a horn section. Basically it was a full-on as a performer can go and there was so much vibrant creativity in the room.

Midway through his band went to take a break backstage while he played some acoustic numbers mostly based off requests. All of them were older songs. The entire time I was trying to remember what the name of my favourite song was so I could shout it out but instead the lyrics about stubborn boys just played in my head.

All other things aside what I like most about Iron & Wine is his way with words. The way I’ll be sitting at work listening to music and then be taken totally aback when I hear a beautiful lyric that demands to be noticed. That is the type of thing that just makes my day.