Best sentences I read this week: broadcast quality

“Adams does an enormous amount in terms of turning Amy into a real, fleshed out person, who, like Phoenix’s character, is a little beaten down by life, capable of great anger or sadness but still warm and alive.”

The 22 Oscar Nominations We’d Most Like To See Tomorrow (But Probably Won’t)

“Whether radios are abandoned as a matter of solidarity, convenience, or good karma, they pass from inmate to inmate, serving one sentence after another. The durable, analog SRF-39FPs have been changing hands in this manner for a decade and a half, which adds up to a lot of radios in circulation.”

The iPod of Prison

“She moves on before I can correct her. She said it wrong. She said it so wrong. I have never heard my name said so ugly before, like it’s a burden.”

The Names They Gave Me

” I sat relatively still in class, alternating note-taking and drawing doodles of hamburgers.”

The Adderall and ADHD Controversy Is Different When You’re a Woman

“It was approximately 8:55 am last Friday morning when a stranger asked for my name.”

What’s Your Starbucks Name?

“Mr. Kennel’s family could not fathom it either, he said: ‘It doesn’t fit their societal picture of success, generally. We’re doing well, so why aren’t we demonstrating that through our house?'”

Freedom in 704 Square Feet