Best sentences I read this week: 10 commandments for saying yes

“Two thousand and fourteen is one of those rare years of political quiet. No general election in federal, provincial or civic politics for the first time since 2009.”

From Purple To Red

“Next: the delicate art of negotiating private duels with godlike monsters.”

-Fables: Rose Red (vol. 15)

“Norway’s oil wealth and weird songs about foxes.”

Dark Lands

“Trudeau was willing but laid down two conditions: He would not propose anything that would require a constitutional amendment, with all the attendant, divisive wrangling with the provinces that would entail. Nor did he want to simply promise to do something if elected prime minister one day; he wanted to be able to ‘walk the walk’ — a tall order for the leader of the third party, who has zero legislative power.”

Why Justin Trudeau Expelled 32 Senators From Liberal Caucus

“7. If a vehicle weighs over 5 tons (trucks, busses, etc.), it probably cannot see you. Even with lots of mirrors, they’re essentially driving blind out there.  You should always give these vehicles a wide berth.  The same goes for anything with a trailer.”

10 Commandments for City Biking

“I figured children in full camouflage tended to shoot bears more often than I did.”

-Notes on the Awkward Airplane Conversation

“But he isn’t really a joke-teller so much as a performer who just says ‘yes’ to everything.”

Jimmy Fallon tonight show interview