642 things to write about: Your favourite recipe

As a kid I was a picky eater. Feeding me was a daily ordeal for my parents. One thing I did love was pasta. Served just about any way pasta is delicious. For a while I subsisted on mac and cheese.

The best pasta is fetucini alfredo. It’s a delicious Italian marvel. When I moved out it was at the top of my list of things to learn to make. I googled a recipe and it seemed easy. Butter with cream with parmesan cheese and some garlic.

It wasn’t until making it that I realized just how bad for you alfredo sauce really is and why my parents had refrained from making it despite my endless requests. It is butter with cream. Then you add some cheese. Not exactly the healthiest thing the world has ever know.

The other disgusting thing about alfredo sauce is that it reheats badly. The butter and cream separate leaving it a clumpy fatty mess. Makes you think twice about what you’re eating.

After making alfredo a few times I decided to cut back. I don’t really want to die young just because I needlessly ate too much fat and butter.

It’s still a great party trick. Alfredo is easy to make but an impressive dish to serve in a pinch.