People talking about food on transit: What you taco ’bout

A couple years ago I was riding the c-train. Chatting across from me were a couple of unforgettable guys. Or more specifically one unforgettable guy. It was spring so he was lightly dressed in a t-shirt or a wife beater and jeans. He had a backwards baseball cap or a scruffy hairstyle. More than anything in the world he wanted a taco.

This was not just your average food craving. He spent upwards of 15 minutes telling his friend that he had to have a taco. There was something in the way he said taco over and over again. Ta-c-o. The intonation was either stoned or skater dude. He repeated the word enough times to set a world record.

Across from him on the train I pictured him with a taco in a speech bubble above his head. I still can’t strike that image from my head. So I’ve decided that when a moment like this happens I will draw a sketch of it. The food the person was talking about will sit nicely in their speech bubble like a day dream.