SAIT Graphic Design Fast Track: Personal portfolio

At the end of our Fast Track program we put together personal portfolios with the assignments that we'd done. It was a good opportunity to do some layout and put our work together. I have more than what's in here and my portfolio is a work in progress but it'll get there. We did presentations of them and it was really cool to see what other students had done given the same assignments and in some cases the same basic images to work with.


Rhi_Kirkland_Portfolio 1.jpg
Rhi_Kirkland_Portfolio 2.jpg
Rhi_Kirkland_Portfolio 4.jpg
Rhi_Kirkland_Portfolio 7.jpg
Rhi_Kirkland_Portfolio 8.jpg
Rhi_Kirkland_Portfolio 10.jpg
Rhi_Kirkland_Portfolio 11.jpg