Lest we forget

Remembrance Day is tomorrow and I've been thinking about making a poppy. I've gotten lazy about doing the design skills I learned at SAIT and I need to practice more. One of the cool things we learned was how to look at things and break them into shapes so you can build them. Like a graphic of a house in an add, I now see it as a box with windows and a door. You can build it if you look at it that way.

So here's a poppy and I thought that a cursive would be fitting. On Remembrance Day I usually think about my great uncle who died fighting in France when his plane was shot down. My mother has his journal and she says it is pretty horrible to read. Maybe one day I'll try and brave it. We live in unstable and dark times. We have a lot to think about during our moment of silence.


2017.11.10 Lest we forget.png