Stay inside

It's smoky outside. My wrist hurts. I have a cold. I don't feel like going outside for the rest of the day or if I'm not doing photography for a while potentially ever again — there are so many nice things at home and I'm an introvert so going outside is something I feel a need a reason to do.

Still there's this voice telling me to go do stuff. There are tasks and errands. I went to the library to collect part of my overly large stack of holds and then went to Old Navy because they allegedly had a sale on pants — the pants process took forever and ended in my buying two pairs of pants I have and like and that look kind of fancy so you can pretend to be a real person in them. I didn't find any jeans. Buying jeans is awful. I need to find somewhere new to buy jeans that are either cheap or that last. Damn you cycling. 

I am done my SAIT program so I no longer have somewhere to be and things to do. I won't be speaking to people all the time. I won't need to appear somewhere each morning. I could honestly never go outside again.

Anyways I don't feel like going outside. I went on Facebook and Facebook told me not to go outside. So stay inside kids. The outside world is dangerous and scary and sometimes you have to buy new pants.