One-hundred pounds: You can only bring so much

Packing is the first step of leaving — truly leaving as opposed to planning and applying. I find that it is relatively easy and can also be a revealing experience. In order to pack up your life you must go through everything you own and decide what is truly necessary and what is superfluous.

  1. You probably have more stuff than you need. This is true of almost everyone.
  2. You can make do with less than you can fit in your closet.
  3. I own far too many t-shirts that are almost identical. I don’t know how this happened. I was discussing this with a friend who said that she thought I was aware of this. I was not until I tried on every shirt I owned and realized that some of them are identical. This raises some important questions about my shopping habits. Why do I feel a compelling need to go shopping when I seem to always buy things that are identical to things I already own? How did I not notice that this was happening earlier? I have resolved not to buy anymore t-shirts for a while.
  4. It is fun to go through your clothes and note how your style has changed over time.
  5. One should go through their clothes at least once a year. Probably more often.
  6. Packing is relatively easy. Once you decide which shoes are worth bringing and which ones are not.
  7. It is always an odd feeling watching your bags get whisked away on the luggage belt and hoping you will see them at your final destination.