One month

I have a little over a month left in Copenhagen, this crazy city that has grown quite dear to me. It sometimes feels like I am running out of time, that there are too many things I want to do still, neighbourhoods to explore, and baked goods to consume. I feel like one semester is not enough — but then again in life we only get so much time and we have to do the most with what we get.

I feel like I have begun to know this city very well. For the most part I no longer get lost — except when I go new places and have minor disagreements with my navigation app. I know which streets lead where, and where the cool coffee shops are. I have my spots and places that feel quite at home to me. I even now know of a place where I can take my bike when I get a flat — yes I have another one and don’t feel excited to deal with it.

There are still so many places to explore and so many readings left to do. One month and counting.