Settling in

I have been here for almost a week now and I am finally at that point where it is starting to feel like I live here. All of those logistical things like getting a cellphone and CPR number, and finding my classrooms have been sorted out. I know where the local supermarket is and I bought sheets (or a duvet cover that I thought was sheets). I can make it from the metro to campus and back without getting hopelessly lost.

The river here is beautiful and it feels strange to go to class right next to it but it is also nice to know that I am not a tourist here. I reside here, at least for now I do. I do not feel a compelling need to go to museum or to rush from site to site. It is enough to walk to and from the metro. I get to collect coffee shops I want to drop by instead of post cards. To walk down the street just hanging out with new found friends.

There are still things that are confusing like grocery shopping. I am happy to just be buying flour, I don’t really care what type it is. Cooking instructions can also be a challenge. I am getting used to guessing and making due with whatever I end up with.