Tivoli Gardens

While on our walking tour we were told that Tivoli Gardens is a must see in Copenhagen, that even the locals go there to hang out and grab a beer or a meal, so when some friends invited me I though why not check it out (admission without rides is only 100DKK).

The thing is I hate amusement parks, or more specifically I hate rides. If it’s fast, or involves heights I probably don’t want to get near it. A ferris almost guarantees a breakdown of some kind. So I tagged along, and did not buy the ride pass — though I do enjoy bumper boats and cars, I would rather spend the money on overpriced hot chocolate. The other value that amusement parks have is that they are a great place to take pictures, though this was limited by the rain.

All in all Tivoli was not a bad place. It is said to have inspired Disneyland and I can see why. It is right beside Copenhagen’s central train station, and you can see the Radisson from parts of it. Most surprisingly it is filled with various restaurants and bars. One can find really good (somewhat overpriced food) all over Tivoli. This is definitely a more European approach to amusement parks.

Then at the end of the night there was a huge Danish rap concert. It was crazy to see this huge crowd of Danish people waving their arms and totally into what sounded a lot like the Beastie Boys. I will hand it to them, they were really good. It helped that we didn’t understand a word they were saying and that the crowd had so much energy.