Poster tube

I have been decorating the walls in my new place and have a couple of gaps. I was thinking about buying — more like making because my budget plans are to try not to buy anything unless I absolutely have to — a couple of prints I like then I realized I already have some lovely art (and by art I mean maps) that was on the wall at my old place. I distinctly remember putting them into my black poster tube. The poster tube seems to be MIA. Somehow I am missing some carefully carried around art.

I don’t know how these things happen.

I can’t for the life of me figure out where these things go.

How does one lose a poster tube?

I should be able to find something of that size and shape right?

In the mean time I have some spaces on my wall and I am trying to figure out how to fill them while not being too upset that I seem to have lost some cherished art.