Health care is more than hospitals and doctors

Canadians are really proud of our universal health care, which we are lucky to have. But also only covers some things. When I have needed other services I’ve been struck but how wildly unfair it is that I live in a place that loves health care but where your income decides whether you get to go to the dentist or to physio or to therapy. It’s wrong.

Health care is more than doctors visits and hospitals. Uninsured services are a big problem and we need to close the gaps.

Go vote

When you go vote tomorrow think about all those kids who can't. Who are still finding themselves, who have to get up and go to school. Hopefully they are told that who they are is great. Hopefully you vote for an Alberta where they are told that.

When you vote tomorrow ask yourself whether cutting teachers and nurses is really good for the economy. Ask yourself what really makes for a strong and vibrant economy, and a nice place to live.

When you vote tomorrow vote with hope and kindness in your heart. Vote for the best of #alberta. All that it has been and can be. Vote to build a future of togetherness and possibility.

Things may have been tough in #alberta and those who are struggling deserve help. Still, there is so much wealth and possibility in the province. It is easy to forget that. Vote with gratitude for the luck we have as well as the work that needs to be done for the future.

And please vote. Because this one will matter a lot.