I accidentally bought green olive sourdough bread (which apparently exists and is awful) and went from really excited to sad. I even checked before buying it. One does not take risks when it comes to olive exposure. It was placed in front of the normal sourdough bread. This bread is awful but I bought it to go with other stuff so I'm stuck

People talking about food on transit: What you taco ’bout

A couple years ago I was riding the c-train. Chatting across from me were a couple of unforgettable guys. Or more specifically one unforgettable guy. It was spring so he was lightly dressed in a t-shirt or a wife beater and jeans. He had a backwards baseball cap or a scruffy hairstyle. More than anything in the world he wanted a taco.

This was not just your average food craving. He spent upwards of 15 minutes telling his friend that he had to have a taco. There was something in the way he said taco over and over again. Ta-c-o. The intonation was either stoned or skater dude. He repeated the word enough times to set a world record.

Across from him on the train I pictured him with a taco in a speech bubble above his head. I still can’t strike that image from my head. So I’ve decided that when a moment like this happens I will draw a sketch of it. The food the person was talking about will sit nicely in their speech bubble like a day dream.


Soft poached

I have spent years hunting after the perfect eggs benedict. There are several possible variations, each of which have their strengths and drawbacks. Over the past few years Calgary has experienced an explosion of superb brunch places and it wasn’t until shortly before leaving that I had the serendipitous experience of finding what is arguably the perfect combination.

It was at a place not far from my house called Dairy Lane that I had been told I needed to try for ages, so at last I went. The décor is typical of a diner, the staff friendly, and the coffee bottomless. They also have an indoor waiting area, which is a rarity in Calgary.

I knew what I was going to order before even looking at the menu: eggs benedict, soft poached. There was one issue, I wanted to combine two of the options. Bacon came with tomato (which I don’t like) and the avocado came with ham (the flavour of which overwhelms the rest of eggs benedict). I was told I could combine bacon and avocado, and my quest was finally over. This was it, the secret ingredient had been found. Perfection.

Joe and the Juice

After arriving in Copenhagen Joe and the Juice quickly became one of my favourite places to eat. This is largely because they make the best sandwich in the world — avocado, mozzarella, tomato and pesto. There is also a dress code where at least one staff member must be wearing a backwards baseball cap at all times.


How I learned to stop complaining and love Tim Hortons

So it is the first Friday of the summer. A very good day in an of itself and then it happened. Three boxes of donuts, Timbits and a dozen bagels appeared in the staff kitchen. It seems Fridays are donut day. What a lovely idea.

Now the thing about these donuts and bagels is that they were not just any donuts and bagels, they were from Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons is an iconic Canadian coffee institution with two major downsides: ridiculously long line ups and appalling bad drip coffee.

Yes, whether you are prepared to admit it or not the drip coffee at Tim Hortons is awful. Those beans regret being selected for that purpose. There is a reason that double doubles are so common: you need a lot of sugar and cream to make that coffee consumable.

Now that sounds like complaining and I haven’t even gotten to the lines yet.

However, there is an upside. Tim Hortons is extremely affordable. One might go so far as to say ridiculously cheap. You can get a breakfast sandwich and an iced coffee for less than the cost of a latte at Starbukcs. Now that is the power of Tim Hortons. If your coworkers invite you for a Starbucks run and you haven’t found a twenty on the sidewalk recently you always say yes with a little bit of financial trepidation. If your friends invite you on a Tim Hortons run you know you can get something without thinking twice about it.

Their baked goods are delicious. The donuts may be terrible for you but for the most part they are delicious. They are the perfect Friday pick me up.

Their breakfast sandwiches are excellent — so long as you don’t order the sausage which is quite suspect. Their muffins are delicious and about $1.15.

Their iced coffee is delicious, though a little sugary, it is at a price that can’t be beat.

So if you can face the lineups, which the worst one was about half an hour long, then you get your moneys worth.


Ice ice baby

I have not been particularly ambitious on the cooking front, it seems that old habits — perogies, and pita with hummus die hard.

The weather was rather nice a few days ago and at the suggestion of a friend I decided to make some iced tea. I cold brewed chai for twenty-four hours and the results have been very lovely. Hope to try make some iced coffee once the snow clears.

I also experimented with some homemade ice cream, which I have made in the past. Took a vanilla base and added chocolate covered pretzels, which had been crushed into smaller bits. Very good results. Quite yummy. Would try cutting back on vanilla in the future.