Some gems in the file management abyss

I have actually been making progress on getting through my file management abyss. It is getting there. Slowly but surely.

Some of the more painful parts are going by.

It’s a weird way to go back and relive parts of one’s life.

I am currently going through my urban design for health and well-being notes, and am enjoying how much really great environmental psychology info is in there. It was basically an intro to environmental psychology class and I loved it. The folders include recommended readings, theories and info on stuff like how noise in the built environment impacts humans. Hello.

Health care is more than hospitals and doctors

Canadians are really proud of our universal health care, which we are lucky to have. But also only covers some things. When I have needed other services I’ve been struck but how wildly unfair it is that I live in a place that loves health care but where your income decides whether you get to go to the dentist or to physio or to therapy. It’s wrong.

Health care is more than doctors visits and hospitals. Uninsured services are a big problem and we need to close the gaps.