I’m working on sprucing up my resume — I tried pining it up but it didn’t go well — and it’s always a weird feeling to delete lines of old jobs or volunteer gigs. At the time they felt super important, were super important, but now they’re further away and not relevant, the thing that goes when there isn’t enough space. As the song Pink Bullets goes “the years have been short but the days were long.”

Tedious tasks

I am going through and saving all the photos I have in Smugmug so that I can close up my account. The renewal date looms so I need to get it done. I think I have it all off, it's just a matter of checking they worked. Then I have to check those downloads against files on my hard drives when I one day get to that. It is so much easier to just dump them random places and never do anything with the duplicates, at least in the short term.

But I am thinking long run. I want order damn it. I want systems that work. I want my files to be a gleaming wonder that people will come from miles around to gawk at. I just want to be able to find old projects and make sense of my photos.

These tasks, this going through things, waiting for files to download then double checking them, it's a bit tedious. My days aren't exciting. It's one task followed by another followed by another. So it goes.