Drive from Calgary to Vancouver

Here are some shots from the drive back out to Vancouver from Calgary, one of the prettiest and most terrifying stretches of road out there. Highway driving freaks me out, a lot, so it's nice to have someone to do it for you. I enjoy being the passenger and getting to snap photos out the window.

Lac des Arcs is always a good idea.

Banff + Canmore

When I was back in Calgary I really wanted to get out to the mountains. I don't like highway driving so it was really nice to have the option of taking the bus out. Super damn nice.

It's great to see transit options happening in the Calgary Region, which arguably includes Banff and Canmore. I had fun. It's always good to get out and explore Banff and Canmore.

Get lost

Where I attempt to go on a hike. Feel anxious about highway driving — it's pretty terrifying. Have trouble finding the hike but feel all lugubrious. Ask for directions. Happen to be asking the author of the trail guide book I'm holding. She's super friendly. The hike turns out to be really pretty.

A year and a bit later I decide to edit the photos because I'm back to dealing with those sorts of things.