Is that even a word

That feeling I get when I’m staring at a word for a really long time until I no longer think it’s a word and I’m very very certain that it can’t be spelt right even.

Settle + down

An insult. A longing.

Settle down yelled at teenagers having fun.

Settle down. To find a home. To build a life. To stay in one place. A home. Not another inevitable move or demoviction.

Settle down. A trap. Selling out.

I long for a place to settle down, a place to build a home.

As much as I would be a wandering minimalist with two shirts and a suitcase I am not. I want a home. I want to carefully and methodically decorate it with things I like that are well-made and beautiful.

A longing indeed.

2019.07.28 settle + down.png

like + as

Now that social media scheduling is up and running well I am relaunching the + project.

It's an idea I just can't shake and I think it might be interesting. So here goes + 2.0.

I've picked just one colour combo. That'll be all. I keep getting bogged down in the possibilities of what it can be and it's overwhelming. Eventually you have to make choices and go down one road.

2018.08.22 like + as.jpg


I've had this idea for a while of doing a project based on combinations of words with a plus sign between them. One day I was writing something down and instead of using an ampersand I used +. It was something I'd been doing a lot.

Then I noticed how + can combine two words or break a word down.

Then I started making lists. Then I had a few thousand combinations in a spread sheet.

Now I have a design mock up. When my desk arrives I want to launch.

I don't know how original the idea is but I think it's an interesting way of exploring language and meaning. Some of the combinations are cute, funny, sad, reflective or ambitious. Some of them could have very different possible meanings depending on your perspective or how you want to take them.

This is my template at the moment.


+ 1.png