phone problems

Google Maps on Google phone

Yesterday I was meeting up with a friend at SFU. I'd never been before and want to see if it was as horrible as I'd expect. We joked that the visit would be about burritos and brutalism. I missed my bus stop because I was on Twitter. I can't read on buses or I get in the zone and look up and am like where am I and what's happening. It's a problem. And one reason I got into podcasts. You can stare out the window and get information and stories at the same time.

I was running late and needed to text her. But her number hadn't saved in my contacts — even though I distinctly remember saving it before my last factory reset. So I downloaded Messenger, which usually works for about five seconds after a factory reset. After that the memory uses kills my phone and I delete it.

I also emailed her and that got through so all was well.

The burrito was delicious and messy. The brutalism was foggy and I don't understand how anyone manages to get to their classes at SFU. I would just walk in circles endlessly. For all #brutalmondays and This Brutal World has done the biggest problem with brutalism is that people actually have to live and work in some of these spaces. And some of them are just awful. So so awful. Why did people think this was a good idea at one point in time? Were they just high on inventing concrete and feeling infallible? Why is brutalism kind of making a comeback.

One of my other friends messaged me welcoming me to Messenger saying, "Finally joined messenger I see. How exciting..."

I was like yeah about that, "My phone is not very with it. It won't last. At this point my phone has trouble running Google Maps. And it's a Google phone."

And the whole Google Maps not working thing is a bummer. It would be more of a bummer if I didn't spend most of the time it did work swearing at it and telling it it was lying or saying but how, how do I do that? While I was figuring out how to get to the bus stop I'd originally wanted to go to but went past Google Maps kept crashing on me. I was like you are a basic app on a Google phone. Just load already.


If all else fails I can just do another factory reset. It'll work great for a couple of days before the cycle of slowing down and crashing begins anew.

Delete damn it

One of the really big frustrations I have with my phone is that the delete function doesn't seem to work. Eventually the photos I take fill up the space I have on them so I need to move them off. Usually that should be pretty straightforward. For me it's a time consuming nightmare.

I have no idea why but the erase function just doesn't work. The only option is usually to do a factory reset.

I have spent the last ten minutes trying to erase two photos. It just won't work.

Top up

Yep. It happened again.

I did not top up my phone on time. That's basically how this goes right?

I got the text a few days ago. Did nothing about it and then got the whole you can't top up text.

I have been hanging around at home today getting some stuff done — actually getting lots done, it's been great. I had been thinking about going out and doing some stuff but home is nice and cosy. Roommates aren't around so it's quiet.

It's more annoying when I forget to top up and I'm out doing stuff and can't get on wifi.

As far as the phone dysfunction front goes this is pretty boring but I am trying to blog more.

The phone itself is only borderline functional. I need to get a bunch of photos off it and then do another factory reset. On the bright side Spotify has been consistently working so that's been fun. I don't have Instagram on it right now so that's a bit inconvenient. I had all those projects on the go but I can't really continue them if Instagram doesn't work on my phone.

One day I'll get a new job and then I'll have money. Then I'll buy a phone and it will work and it will be magical.