pirate jokes

You're welcome

I have a collection of pirate jokes I’ve been making up over the past year or so. You will soon notice that they all share a common theme (except when they don’t, which is rare). I’ve been told by one or two people that they would go well on the Internet so here they are. My pirate jokes. You’re welcome.

Parroting R2D2

I did not make up the joke that this blog is named after. It is something I saw it on George Takei that was too funny to pass up. Another friend suggested I call it aaaarratedjokes but I felt that that might be inappropriate.

Speaking of which, if R2D2 was a pirate, or was owned by pirates, he would most definitely have a parrot. Would that parrot be able to learn to repeat the way R2D2 communicates? Some food for thought.