Pants weather

It's been getting colder at night. I’ve been out a few times and decided to head homewards because it was too chilly in shorts.

Fall is coming.

I am excited to dig out my pants.

I’ve been getting back into hoodies. I got really into crewneck sweaters last year and my hoodies have been a bit forlorn. I’m excited to get them back out.

Some gems in the file management abyss

I have actually been making progress on getting through my file management abyss. It is getting there. Slowly but surely.

Some of the more painful parts are going by.

It’s a weird way to go back and relive parts of one’s life.

I am currently going through my urban design for health and well-being notes, and am enjoying how much really great environmental psychology info is in there. It was basically an intro to environmental psychology class and I loved it. The folders include recommended readings, theories and info on stuff like how noise in the built environment impacts humans. Hello.

Is that even a word

That feeling I get when I’m staring at a word for a really long time until I no longer think it’s a word and I’m very very certain that it can’t be spelt right even.

A point

Me whenever I have an appointment:

I’m going to miss it, mess up, show up at the wrong time, be late.

I have one this afternoon and you can bet that I’m repeatedly checking the confirmation reminder with a lack of my belief in my capacity to appear in the right place at the specified time.

This is why I am always so early.


I’m working on sprucing up my resume — I tried pining it up but it didn’t go well — and it’s always a weird feeling to delete lines of old jobs or volunteer gigs. At the time they felt super important, were super important, but now they’re further away and not relevant, the thing that goes when there isn’t enough space. As the song Pink Bullets goes “the years have been short but the days were long.”

Poster tube

I have been decorating the walls in my new place and have a couple of gaps. I was thinking about buying — more like making because my budget plans are to try not to buy anything unless I absolutely have to — a couple of prints I like then I realized I already have some lovely art (and by art I mean maps) that was on the wall at my old place. I distinctly remember putting them into my black poster tube. The poster tube seems to be MIA. Somehow I am missing some carefully carried around art.

I don’t know how these things happen.

I can’t for the life of me figure out where these things go.

How does one lose a poster tube?

I should be able to find something of that size and shape right?

In the mean time I have some spaces on my wall and I am trying to figure out how to fill them while not being too upset that I seem to have lost some cherished art.


I have a cold so I napped this afternoon — summer is really great and I’m gonna miss it when it’s over. I felt really tired again around 7 pm but was like no, I will not sleep at all if I nap now so I fought the tiredness and found stuff to do to stay awake.

Now at this ripe sleeping hour I am wired.

I probably should’ve just napped cause apparently I’m not sleeping either way.

Bird sound

Every time I go on Twitter I am saddened by the world and generally pretty horrified.

I am trying to remember that life can be wonderful and enjoyable. I don’t need people picking fights.

But those random thoughts I have that I would plop onto Twitter are missing a home so I think I might try putting them here instead.

Umm what

One of the fun things about going through old sketchbooks, lists and notes is that moment where I look at something and am like umm what that doesn’t mean anything or make any sense while also knowing that at one point I thought this thing was super important and worth scrawling down.