Keep moving

One of the best pieces of advice my physiotherapist gave me was to keep moving. Even if I was in pain. Even if I felt crappy. Even if I was stiff and sore and scared I needed to keep moving.

It was great advice and I am trying to remember it.

At the end of the semester I got out of the habit of taking care of myself and working out when coursework ate me. I am trying to get back to that.

I’ve been doing yoga again — on the days when the piles on my floor can be shifted enough to make space for my mat, that sacred wonderful space — inspired by the Everyday Therapy Podcast. They did an episode about yoga and how the breathing part is actually super valuable for managing anxiety and depression so I am giving that a shot instead of rolling my eyes. Apparently I am really bad at breathing. It’s a lot harder to do while also trying not to fall over.

On top of the need for me to take care of myself or suffer the consequences (feeling awful) I love the sentiment of keep moving. Keep going, keep trying, move forward, fumble through it even if it’s hard and unclear and scary.

Keep moving 2019.04.21 13.29.jpg

Go vote

When you go vote tomorrow think about all those kids who can't. Who are still finding themselves, who have to get up and go to school. Hopefully they are told that who they are is great. Hopefully you vote for an Alberta where they are told that.

When you vote tomorrow ask yourself whether cutting teachers and nurses is really good for the economy. Ask yourself what really makes for a strong and vibrant economy, and a nice place to live.

When you vote tomorrow vote with hope and kindness in your heart. Vote for the best of #alberta. All that it has been and can be. Vote to build a future of togetherness and possibility.

Things may have been tough in #alberta and those who are struggling deserve help. Still, there is so much wealth and possibility in the province. It is easy to forget that. Vote with gratitude for the luck we have as well as the work that needs to be done for the future.

And please vote. Because this one will matter a lot.

Porcupine hills

I’m not a religious person but I have been drawn to the idea of the sacredness of the everyday since back in undergrad when I was getting into religious studies. Listening to this always reminds me of that.

I belong to the church of the long grass,
The Parish of the Porcupine Hills,
The grass can grow as tall as an old timers tale,
Some say taller still,
I belong to the church of the long grass,
The Parish of the Porcupine Hills,
I’ve always seen this land as holy,
I guess I always will
— John Wort Hannam


While these posts are melodramatic (hello my style of personal essays) I was really excited to buy some sourdough and it was a splurge and this loaf was in the wrong spot and I went from this is gonna be fantastic to this is horrible I want my money and time back. And this taste will never leave my mouth.


I accidentally bought green olive sourdough bread (which apparently exists and is awful) and went from really excited to sad. I even checked before buying it. One does not take risks when it comes to olive exposure. It was placed in front of the normal sourdough bread. This bread is awful but I bought it to go with other stuff so I'm stuck

Anxieties about my anxiety chair

We are doing emotion chairs in Grasshopper and I was feeling a bit anxious about whether or not the geometry in the group file would work. It totally did.

I am unfailingly impressed by how I have yet to have a slacker/useless group member. The folks at SALA are all on it. To get through any of these programs you have to have it together and do your work (says girl who achieved very little grading today).

Screenshot 2019-03-16 20.59.21.png

Spring in the air

One of my classmates has been promising that spring was going to arrive and it turned out he was right. Even his time prediction was right.

Spring is in the air. I put away my jacket liner. I’m thinking about finding an over wintering spot for my boots. I’m gonna swap out toques for baseball caps. My winter socks are going to hibernate.

Helps all people

This is a fabulous quote. This is basically how I feel when I’m told I’m crazy for wanting decent housing, or help getting through school or for physio to be covered.

Socialism is a scare word they’ve hurled at every advance the people have made. Socialism is what they called public power, social security, deposit insurance, and independent labor organizations. Socialism is their name for anything that helps all people.
— Harry Truman

Be curious not hateful

In the wake of the attacks in #newzealand I invite you to learn about Islam. Be curious.

I got into religious studies as an undergrad because I knew little to nothing about religion and it seemed so important to so many. The more I learned the more open minded and accepting I became. I love hearing about people’s religious practices. Religion is fascinating and something that builds community and guides purpose.

You'll find that Muslims are actually a lot like you especially if you are a Jew or Christian. In fact the three religions are often taught together and are called ethical monotheism.

If you are sad about what happened in Christchurch and want to do something read an intro to Islam book. FInd some basic (non-hateful) info online. Go to an interfaith group. If mosques near you are having open services or times when they are inviting people from the community in following the events in Christchurch go. Or stand outside a mosque and offer your grieve and kindness, flowers, solidarity. Go build bridges out of loss.