SAIT Graphic Design Fast Track: Snowboard final design

Over the summer I did a graphic design fast track program at SAIT. It was fun and really informative. I'm trying to go through all the assignments we did and post some of them here. For our final week we did a group project where we put together a RFP response for a snowboard design and then a final design. This is the final design we did. All of the members of the group collaborated to create the design and the elements. I made the background windmill and put the elements together in the snowboard template.

Usually I dread group work but this group was really easy to get along with and everyone did the stuff they said they would.

There were so many possibilities for a snowboard design as anyone who has been in a snowboard store knows. I had a bunch of sketches and any of them could've been really cool. I like how this one turned out.

Kerman_Kirkland_Metz_Szuster_Assign4LetterSized cropped.jpg