Top up

Yep. It happened again.

I did not top up my phone on time. That's basically how this goes right?

I got the text a few days ago. Did nothing about it and then got the whole you can't top up text.

I have been hanging around at home today getting some stuff done — actually getting lots done, it's been great. I had been thinking about going out and doing some stuff but home is nice and cosy. Roommates aren't around so it's quiet.

It's more annoying when I forget to top up and I'm out doing stuff and can't get on wifi.

As far as the phone dysfunction front goes this is pretty boring but I am trying to blog more.

The phone itself is only borderline functional. I need to get a bunch of photos off it and then do another factory reset. On the bright side Spotify has been consistently working so that's been fun. I don't have Instagram on it right now so that's a bit inconvenient. I had all those projects on the go but I can't really continue them if Instagram doesn't work on my phone.

One day I'll get a new job and then I'll have money. Then I'll buy a phone and it will work and it will be magical.