ABC: Another bloody chore

One of the downsides of living somewhere is that there are always little things that you have to get done. You have to go pick up your bike, print off a copy of something, top up your cellphone. There are a constant stream of errands that must be completed and today is no exception to that.

Being a tourist has its downsides. The people you meet, especially in hostels are fleeting friends. There is no sense of loyalty and no bonds that are really built up. You do not have their back and they do not have yours. They are there for a good time, and a short time. However, you can meet some very interesting people and backpacking offers a very fun lifestyle. Living in one place you build up a network of friends, plans, hangouts and inside jokes. These friends are far more loyal and true than any friend I’ve ever made at a hostel.


You get bogged down in the ABC (another bloody church/castle) problem — you can add museums to that list. But today I would like to go to the harbour, photograph the colourful houses and then go to the art gallery at Louisiana. Instead, I need to do laundry and a host of other small tasks, and maybe just maybe study. Today I want to just be a tourist. Another day and another time.