Fall is coming

I am a fan of rain and mild weather. Summer is nice and all but spring and fall, they're what I love.

I can feel fall coming, or more likely I've decided that I'm so over 25+ weather. One day I woke up and felt this intense urge to buy flannel shirts and pants. Fall is coming and I can't wait.

For me summer starts to wrap up after the Calgary Folk Music Festival. Sure there's a bit left but it's on borrowed time after that.

Along with fall comes a time to wrap things up. I had a bunch of library books out, far too many, enough that they were making me stressed. Minimalism can apply to many things including that large stack of library books you know you'll never finish. I am trying to finish up books that I've started. Get everything back to the library and finish what I've started. I like to start January with a clean slate instead of books that I made it a third of the way through and go distracted from. I finished one today that I've been working on for months and it felt good. I have a few more that I just need to focus on and they'll be done.

It's nice to feel like things are getting done. It'll be even nicer when the weather cools off a bit and I can give my new flannel tops a run.