Just do it

Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder.
— Mason Cooley

I found this quote in a local magazine in an issue about summer days. I quite like it and have since had it on my wall. On good days I pay it absolutely no mind. It is decoration, something clever somebody once said.

Today I have been having a staring match with it. I’ve glared at it, insulted it and sworn at it. It knows it’s right and it’s rubbing it in my face. Unfortunately no amount of angry glares will change this quote, or make it any less right. Or smug.

I have to transcribe something and have had no difficulty finding hundreds of other tasks that have far more appeal to me. One easter one of my student newspaper friends posted “Dear zombie Jesus I hate transcribing”. Hear hear. I know that I have to finish it at some point today but noon RMK was busy reading Maisonneuve, 2 p.m. RMK was daydreaming and chatting with her sister, 3:30p.m. RMK was going through photos to put on Facebook. Future RMK is going to take the fall for all of these shenanigans. She will want to read, or tweet, or go for a walk and instead she will have to do this work.

I selected this quote because it was so apt. It is right. I know it’s right. The easy thing is becoming hard, or at least is no less done. As Nike says, “Just do it.”